ArchRival trains each member of its staff to recognize the various types of foot structures and how to match them with the appropriate shoes. ArchRival's highly trained staff offers customized consultation and advice geared to our customers' specific needs, from a biomechanical foot and gait analysis to an update on the latest technical advances and fashion trends.


Biomechanical foot and gait analysis is the study of foot motion during normal running and walking. This process evaluates the foot’s anatomical structure, muscle flexibility and strength – assessing how these factors influence the way a person runs or walks. This customized analysis helps identify any imbalances an athlete has in terms of alignment, flexibility and strength, and helps our customers run more efficiently and at a higher level, as well as reducing the risk of injury. Through this evaluation, ArchRival’s staff asks questions related to past or present injuries, training activities, terrain, mileage and orthotic use. It is during this selection and fitting process that ArchRival’s staff can best educate its customers about their unique foot structure and biomechanics, and explain how or why a particular shoe recommendation is right for them. It is through matching the correct shoe to an athlete’s foot that ArchRival is able to support its customers in enhancing overall performance while reducing the risk of injury.